Alison takes the plunge


Deep breath and here goes nothing as for the first time I am to launch myself into the big wide blogging world. I have never considered myself to have anything of particular interest to say to people I have never met, but I do love making art, sharing it and encouraging others to express themselves by making their own. Having benefited so much in the past few years from the generosity of others who have been willing to share their work and ideas, successes and failures with strangers such as myself, I have decided to take the plunge and fully join this community I have so enjoyed looking in on. To that end, welcome to a little glimpse into my world and my art. Bear with me as I take some time to get the hang of things and fill the gallery and shop pages with lots of pictures for you to look at, and gradually begin to share what I do.

Thanks for visiting, please follow me so we can keep in touch

Alison 🙂

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