Pushing the boundaries

For me, being creative is about taking risks, continually learning, being inspired by other artists and trying new things, and I’m always looking to road test new techniques and approaches in order to keep developing my work. Until now, much of my process had been about building up layers to create backgrounds onto which the main motif/image is either painted or collaged. Having recently studied some of Flora Bowley’s fabulous work however, I challenged myself to work with her technique which functions in reverse – she paints a background which is then mostly covered up just leaving the focal images revealing the base layer. It is an approach that lends itself to a much freer mode of spontaneous expression as there is always the option to cover up the less successful parts of the base layer later on in the process – almost foolproof really!

This is my first attempt and whilst there are some sections I like better than others, I am generally pretty happy with it and I thoroughly enjoyed the process. I definitely will be exploring this approach further in the coming months, and will post work in progress so that you can see how it develops – you might even decide to give it a go yourself….!IMG_1246IMG_1228 IMG_1244 IMG_1245

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