New Art and new website on it’s way, coming soon!

Hi folks,

I am so excited to announce that at last, some new work and website are in the works and coming soon.

The story so far

I am sorry that it has been ‘long time, no see’ in this neck of the woods. Since launching out on this creative journey four years ago, a LOT has happened. I think I can safely say, that albeit with great enthusiasm for the task in hand, I bit off somewhat more than I could chew!

With really no idea of what it was going to all entail, I launched two different businesses, all with multiple social media accounts. I also opened two on-line shops, then took on every opportunity, physical exhibition, fair and commission that came my way.

Perhaps not surprisingly, by the beginning of this year I was feeling super over-stretched!

Where I’m at now

I do have some plates spinning nicely, however, I have also decisively dropped several others. It has been necessary to take some time out to rethink, recalibrate and refocus again. Now I am now very happy and excited to let you know that going forward, my main energies will be shifting back to my art. Although I enjoy the other things I am involved with, creating art is what gives me the most satisfaction, and makes me feel most alive. I love painting, mixed media, collage and stitch, I believe making is I was made for, and my goal is to pursue it with intention.

Coming soon

The first task has been to create the fresh new website which is coming soon, and will be fully ‘mobile friendly’. Several new art projects are also in the works, most of which have so far only been seen on Instagram. Soon visitors will be able to view my new work and website, collect my work and follow my progress, all in one place. I will not be undertaking any commissions for a season while I take the time to develop the direction of my own work, and I will be documenting my journey in a blog once my new website is live.

In the meantime, thank you so much for taking the time to read this. I hope you will follow me over on my new site (same web address) in time, and I’m excited to see how this new focus will all unfold.

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